"Recently signed to I.O.T. Records, Caterva is back on the scene with the eclectic label from the South of France. From south to north, the 4-record project in preparation represents the idea that musical influences come from every directon. Caterva is at the 4 cardinal points of bass music. Over the course of 2010, 4 vinyls will visit a few of the different musical styles on the contemporary electronic music scene. A first opus, scheduled for release in april 2010 is pointed North toward UK dubstep, recorded and mixed by Probe1 (Torsion Records). A second opus named "Caterva goes down South" will explore the South American and African influences for a trip into the Kuduro of Angola, featuring the flow of Uruguay's MC Bael. The East comes next, and the deep sound of Berlin. The Strasbourg-based group, as a result of their geographic proximity, have long been touched by the minimal sounds of the Berlin underground. Finally Caterva's musical pilgrimage leads them west toward North America, specifically New York, musical laboratory par excellence where the Big Apple's own Mr. E meets them at the intersection of new hip-hop and destructured dub step. To complete this musical voyage, Kashmir, Caterva's VJ and graphic designer, has created 4 album covers, independent yet complementary. Assembled, the four designs complete a puzzle for you to discover." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2010| IOT RECORDS | 6.00

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