"This is the definition of the music of Chamellows: it is rewarding, dark, unadulterated, bloody, tender, ethereally floaty and unique. Chamellows no longer exist in their original form. I feel the mark they left was sizable, especially now that Sami has released this anthology. Mikko and Laura have drifted apart, gone their separate ways. This album is therefore also something of a large memory - a sample of the reality shared by two people in the 1990s and at the turn of the millennium. I also see it as evidence of the fact that something finite or temporary can be just as significant as something still in progress or an infinity defined by some fateful idea. The album's air is one of unforcedness: Chamellows are their true - more or less inhibited -selves, they show themselves in their true nature and thereby really reveal something of their world to us. In other words, this collection is also a kind of document; even so, it is not the truth. But who cares about truths when holding one of the most important Finnish albums ever released?" (M.Isosävi)
in stock | FI| 2007| FONAL | 13.90

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