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"An intricate, thrillingly unbridled blast of carefully controlled sonic anarchy, pushing at the perceptual boundaries of conversant sound, Andersabo captures the collision of two sympathetic, but often radically different, creative pursuits - Chantler's subtle complexity, composing for electronics, modular synthesis, and acoustic instruments, and Lund's full tilt constructions for various saxophones, pointedly defying long standing expectations and syntaxes applied to his chosen instrument - in open dialog with landscape beyond. Recorded during the summer of 2019, while the duo were on a residency in rural Sweden, the LP's three works present a radical rethinking of aural collectivism. Each is a space within which the environment and its many actors - the floorboards of a barn, a grassy field, distant hills, insects, the pulse of an electric fence, or a passing tractor, threaded with the tones and responses of Lund's saxophone and Chantler's pump organ and synth - are given equal presence and voice. An unpredictable bridge between acoustic and electronic composition and field recording, Andersabo offers a remarkable image of the rewards found through friendship, community, and uninhibited experimentation." (label info) Johannes Lund - Bass Saxophone, John Chantler - Synthesizer, Pump Organ, gatefold sleeve
in stock | AU| 2020| NOT ON LABEL | 13.90

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