"In 1974 Ileana Sonnabend commissioned Charlemagne Palestine to create a limited edition double LP in conjunction with a performance to celebrate the opening of her new Soho gallery at 420 West Broadway. Charlemagne made several recording attempts, first at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania where they had a Bösendorfer Imperial Piano in their theatre. He recorded "Bösendorfer + Voice", "Voice Piece" as well as some Bösendorfer tests with Mayo Thompson as producer and Kurt Munkacsi as sound engineer. These ecstatic Swarthmore recordings, recorded late at night in the big empty theatre space represented the original elements on which Charlemagne Palestine later created the piano pieces for "Four Manifestations on Six Elements". For more than forty years since these recordings were made Palestine never went back to listen to them, but recently on re-listening to these Swarthmore recordings with alga marghen he found several blissful arpeggiated piano and falsetto voice studies which he feel now deserve to be heard. Included in the alga marghen VocSon series, this LP is available now in an edition limited to 405 copies." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | IT| 2017| ALGA MARGHEN | 19.90

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