"One of Charlemagne Palestine most well-known works, "Four Manifestations On Six Elements" is presented here as 2LP record edition limited to 180 numbered copies, the first publication of Algamars, the new sonic art division of alga marghen. The gatefold sleeve is silkscreened in one color and presents a signed drawing by Charlemagne Palestine on the front cover. In 1973 Charlemagne Palestine was commissioned to make "Four Manifestations On Six Elements" by the Sonnabend Gallery in New York. As the gallery was well known for its presentation of conceptual art Palestine decided to create a record similar to an exhibition space with four walls to expose on, each wall corresponding to a side on a double LP record." (label info) Contains "Two Perfect Fifths, A Major Third Apart, Reinforced Twice" (1973), "One + Two + Three Perfect Fifths, In The Rhythm 3 Against 2, for Piano" (1973), "Sliding Fifths for Piano" (1972), "Three Perfect Fifhts, A Major Second Apart, Reinforced Twice" (1973)
in stock | IT| 2013| ALGAMARS | 169.90

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