"alga marghen proudly introduce you to an historical event, the publication of "The Lower Depths", a 3CD set of previously unreleased unique piano sonorities by Charlemagne Palestine. In 1977 Charlemagne Palestine was regularly performing in his red and gold loft on North Moore Street in Tribeca, down the street from Magoos bar where all the local artists hung out back then. He was working on a trilogy called "The Lower Depths", a work conceived during the crucial moment when he experienced one of the peaks of his creative power. The trilogy takes its name from the potentials of his Bösendorfer weapon which had lower notes than any other piano. The first section starts in the middle of the piano keyboard and the second section 2 octaves below while the third section arrives till the very bottom of the instrument. It's a deep, thunderous, rumbling world that we experience. An extreme immersion in the depths of the dark side of strumming music. "The Lower Depths" is a central work within the history of musical Minimalism, stretching and expanding what we understand and expect of an already singular voice." (label info) edition of 300 numbered copies
in stock | IT| 2017| ALGA MARGHEN | 49.90

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