"Dual Mode shows Chessie at the top of their form and features exclusive remixes of some of Overnight's stand out tracks. The EP begins with "Velvet", a spare, cinematic composition that showcases Chessie's magical ability to invoke both complexity and simplicity simultaneously. Next up is fellow Plug Researcher, Dntel (of The Postal Service fame), with a lush and triumphant remix of Overnight's "Eyes and Smiles". San Francisco's tech-house champion, Sutekh, follows with an explosive remix of "Daylight". The 12" closes with "The Century", Chessie's nod to their indie roots; a track that makes you wonder if the guys shouldn't start a side project making radio-hits. On the CD version of the EP, a meditative and pastoral remix of Overnight's "K Tower" by New York's Basidium brings this brilliant set of recordings to a close." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| LOK | 4.90

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