"Chris Brown's Branches is a record of two pioneering works for live electroacoustic instruments and improvisors. The title piece from 2001 features piano, percussion, and DJ interlocking with interactive, computer generated grooves that weave patterns melding sampled African marimba music with hip-hop skratch-adelia. The B side piece is 'Alternating Currents', written in 1983 as a triple concerto for Brown's electroacoustic percussion instruments, trombone, and acoustic percussion. He is joined on this record by long-time collaborator and world-reknowned percussionist William Winant, as well as the legendary west-coast DJ Eddie Def (of the Bullet Proof Space Travelers), and the innovative trombonist Toyoji Tomita." (label info)
in stock | US| 2002| vg+/vg+| ECSTATIC PEACE | 10.00

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