"The brand new second solo album - follow-up to The Young Cricketer - from Chris Corsano (of Flaherty/Corsano, Six Organs Of Admittance, Dream/Aktion Unit, Flower/Corsano, McPhee/Corsano, et al) is an absolute mind-blower and a wild body-swerve for a dude that's best known as the finest power-humping free jazz drummer this side of any pond. No drums on this at all, instead we have Chris working a cheap Casio synth and a single overloaded microphone into aggressive miniatures that somehow manage to reconcile the world galaxies of Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra with the stubby, personally explosive style of Jessica Rylan, the brut circuitry of Conrad Schnitlzer and the immolating fury of Whitehouse and Masonna. Seemingly no limit to the extent of this guy's oeuvre-gobbling powers and Blood Pressure is yet another definitively-stated slice of what-the-fuck. Every sleeve is hand-made and unique." (Volcanic Tongue)
in stock | US| 2006| HOT CARS WARP | 10.90

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