"The hugely popular Exotika album - originally released in 1987 by Play It Again Sam - includes such Chris & Cosey classics as the crowd-pleasing 'BeatBeatBeat', the haunting ballad 'Dr. John (Sleeping Stephen)' and the original version of the seminal title track 'Exotika', which was adopted as an electronica anthem, most notably on the GOA scene and in the US West and East Coast gay clubs of the 1980s'." (label info) "Chris & Cosey have made a great dance record, but it's their kind of dancing. No junk here. They're crazy enough to be sincere about their musical Pleasureland and they want to share their discovery. Come and feel the sound as though your life depends on it: if it were up to them, it would depend on it." (Rockpool 1987) 2019 repress, transparent violet vinyl
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2019| CTI | 26.23

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