julian cowley / the wire: ... each player was asked to perform a solo, in isolation, which then founded material for 12 collage improvisations, structured with assistance from a computer. working after the fact, the composers have been scrupulous in their respect for the essential qualities of this musicians performances. sensitivitiy to acoustic specifics is as evident here as in stangls solo work. the titles assigned to the pieces are derived from chemical elements. the aesthetic is again seemingly derived from laboratory, from meticulously controlled experimantation. but the result is by no means arid intellection. perhaps it is appropriate to invoke a venerable viennese precursor: the extraordinary sparse beauty of anton weberns five pieces for orchestra might be discerned behind the exquisite tonal colour and translucent structure of these superbly crafted pieces. ULI FUSSENEGGER - BASS > 04,08,10 LARS LINDVALL - TRUMPET > 06 RADU MALFATTI - TROMBONE / ZITHER > 02,03,06,07,10 ERNESTO MOLINARI - CLARINETS > 01,03,04, 05,07,08,11,12 PINGUIN MOSCHNER - TUBA > 05,06,08,09 MICHAEL MOSER - CELLO > 01,03,04,09,12 CHRISTIAN MUEHLBACHER - PERCUSSION > 01,03,06, 07,10,11 MAX NAGL - ALTOSAXOPHONE > 04,06,10 ANDI SCHREIBER - VIOLIN > 03,04,07 BURKHARD STANGL - GUITARS > 01,03,06,07
in stock | AT| 1997| DURIAN | 8.90

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