"The works on this disc, volume 3 of Mode's Christian Wolff Edition, belong to his minimalist, and open-form, styles. The 'Tilbury' pieces (1969-70) are named for the pianist John Tilbury, whom Wolff had recently met. 'Snowdrop' (1970), from the same period, was named for the snowdrops among the earliest Spring flowers found in the Vermont countryside where Wolff lives. They attempt to integrate a systematic way of writing with chance and the excitement of early minimalism from Riley, Glass and Reich along with their English counterparts Hobbs, Smith, Nyman and White. A reaction against Serialism, their sound motifs come in fixed cycles, now and again two or more sounds appear at the same time, coincide and collide, making chords. 'Tilbury 5' was written 25 years later at the request of the performers Roland Dahinden (trombone, melodica), Hildegard Kleeb (piano) and Dimiris Polisoidis (violin, viola)." (label info)
in stock | US| 1999| MODE | 16.90

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