"Four pieces from arguably the most cited sound-sculpt of our time, recently fêted via an exposé in The Wire (October 2001). 'Vocrolls II' (1988) consists of recordings of a glass sphere coming to rest in a Tibetan metal bowl, processed in physics-defying fashion through an early desktop port of the now-prevalent phase vocoder algorithm. 'Mouse Ware' (1998) is the soundtrack to an installation (10 different makes and models of computer mouse are preserved in alcohol, accompanied by 10 user-friendly mice mounted on a circular table with tiny contact microphones attached to the shells sending signals to one of ten speakers mounted underneath) that predates the laptop ultra-minimalist live event in sound. Kubisch constructed 'Old Sounds Archive' (1999) out of an array of taped bell sound effects located in the archive at the Free Berlin Broadcasting Section, echoing her amazing installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (documented on the Edition RZ Dreaming of a Major Third CD) with a noticeable rhythmic pulse throughout. Finally 'Nostalgico' (1999), a recorded live performance from June of 2000, entices the ears with a variety of creaking and slamming door sounds accompanied by live accordion playing, accenting the similarities in sound and mechanics between the two." (Hrvatski)
in stock | DE| 2001| EDITION RZ | 14.52

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