"Down from the lair comes another evidence that resembles bears-tape (VOWHO001) in it's concept and was handed out to the label by new artist (or better: victim) Christine Nogociella. Her catholic Italian roots were always ruling her life - that's why she joined the new convention of St. Victus Church long time ago. Everything she experienced in the isolated area of the chapel is meant to be told in subtle words since it still remains a secret what happened that day when everything went down the drain. The organist found a manipulated tape in the garden area - strangely layered choir voices and dark Satan-like sound streams. We decided to release this evidence on Voluntary Whores. A terrific and disgusting journey through meditative eeriness. C-105, pink cassette and a very grotesque object from the original place of St. Victus convention. Limited to 40 copies." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| VOLUNTARY WHORES | 7.90

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