"Christine Ödlund is a sound- and visual artist based in Stockholm and "Phenomena" is her debut album. Ödlund is educated in Electro-Acoustic Music at EMS, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Konstfack - all in Stockholm. Her organic electro-acoustic music is drifting slowly over dark depths and is surprisingly detailed, surprisingly lyrical. It seems to communicate with ancient powers, forgotten gods and animals... It's hard not to drift away and into yourself when listening to "Phenomena". It holds echoes of old school industrial music, musique concrète, Swedish 60's EAM but also something very personal and very own. "Phenomena" is of course presented together with an exclusive digipack with Ödlund's images as companion to the compositions. Christine Ödlund is a very important addition to the Swedish contemporary electronic music scene!" (label info)
in stock | SE| 2009| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 12.90

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