"'Day', by Christopher Hipgrave, who is a composer, sound designer, and software programmer from England, presents the harmony of the humanity and closeness to nature, while still allowing the time of the day to pass hardly without notice, but with change and closeness. Spanning 7 tracks, and 44 minutes, the simply descriptive titles of 'Day' transcend a controlled majesty over the evolving everyday. The times of the day are present, relative to structures of the surrounding world. All found in place: Flowers' petals opening through an extended time-lapse, the trickle of water drops from rubber plants to the ground, the bending of grass blades shifting like razors, with only the temporal echo of the evening warming the last remaining seconds are present. Near the end of the record, the music withdraws into a secluded world that could easily be the crackling of raindrops on a windowsill, heard through the window of a house, in any city, on any rainy day. The world is muted, strong, and pensive. The last minutes breathe with a somber intensity, pumping but gushing through missive pathways, always on target, and withering all the while." (Will Long / Celer)
in stock | UK| 2009| HOME NORMAL | 13.90

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