"This split LP marks the first release from Baltimore resident Christopher Flores. After touring throughout the US with various post rock and experimental bands, Flores has recently focused more on solo activities, blurring the lines between acoustic and digital composition. Although the opening track, 'M.O.R.T.', is created purely in the digital realm one begins to hear gently plucked strings, soft bells and waves of radio beneath it's tactile surface. In the second track, 'Edits for Piano' Flores creates an intricately defined landscape using only piano as source. Within this overall sound, delicate melodies begin to form as distortion slowly swells to the surface. Janek Schaefer's Orders EP collects five pieces ranging in sound from the crackle and hiss of record debris, to the carefully layered hum of bass, to a chorus of family members singing the word love. The record also features a meticulously edited locked groove created using Schaefer's custom made audioh!Splicer software. An extremely diverse EP that effectively carries the listener from one sonic environment to another." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| SNAIL ARTICLE | 11.90

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