"As with the original Arkades LP, this release gathers recordings for a session at WFMU, this time recorded during their second US tour and captured live on the 25th September 2007. Spread over the four sides are the six cuts which made up Circle's second session for WFMU, once more capturing the self-proclaimed new wave of Finnish heavy metal outfit proving themselves to be almost everything but 'heavy metal' despite possessing the only too apparent ability to compete with the best amongst that world. Taking in operatic vocals, unearthly mulch, psychedelic splurge, nods towards folk and Krautrock, and mammoth riffs capable of knocking down nearby buildings, avant-rock has rarely arrived both so potent and in dire need of a straitjacket before. The new wave of Finnish heavy metal is positively bursting with ideas like nothing else." (label info) vinyl version comes in gatefold sleeve
in stock | UK| 2007| FOURTH DIMENSION | 16.90

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