"With 2001s "Haze" on Ecstatic Yod and the forthcoming "Transmuting Fall" on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Clarinette has confounded a few, delighted some others and remained completely unheard of by just about everyone else. Drenching everything in blankets of echo (natural and synthetic) Clarinette has effectively evaded creating anything reasonably identifiable as proper music. Dusted's Charlie Wilmoth called Clarinette's "Haze" "a bizarre gem of a record" describing it as "like nothing a human being would try to make on purpose". "Haze" went on to take an impressive 916th place in The Village Voices Pazz n Jop Poll for 2002. 2004's Little Fluttery Screamy Thing EP and its accompanying album length CD-R explore what happens when too many equipment failures crash into an unhealthy obsession with the recent DNA CD anthology. It is nearly all guitar and echo and just barely appropriate for release. Lathe cut by Peter King in New Zealand and limited to 51 copies." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| CLARINETTE | 23.90

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