PARODI, CLAUDIO - HORIZONTAL MOVER (homage to Alvin Lucier) (CD)

"Few musicians have the opportunity to pay homage to their musical idol, much less send them a recording and receive a reply. Claudio Parodi did just this, sending 'Horizontal Mover' to Alvin Lucier. The response was nothing short of overwhelming Ð 'I find it absolutely beautiful'. This shows the humility of Lucier, a pioneering artist, and the talent of Parodi in producing 'Horizontal Mover', a work that deserves such praise. The words of Lucier are worth repeating in full: 'Dear Claudio, I just received the CD of Horizontal Mover. I will have to re-read your description of the process to more fully understand it. But I can say that after listening to it, I find it absolutely beautiful. I am honored to beso honored. The CD will take a foremost place in my archives. Thank you so much. Cordially, Alvin Lucier.' Parodi followed his own interpretation of the classic 'I am sitting in a Room' using cymbals, drums and toms to invent his own vision of diffusion, resonance and the recording process. Such a process treads a tightrope between concept and music. Fortunately Parodi's sensibilities are firmly planted in bringing forth music that is both satisfying and challenging to the listener. The soundskeep building on themselves, layer upon layer, to create an intriguing textural music that rewards repeated listening. 'Horizontal Mover' (homage to Alvin Lucier) is the first of seven generative compositions that Parodi is recording for Extreme. Other musical luminaries to be showcased in the series include Charles Hayward, Yasunao Tone (of Fluxus) and Alvin Curran." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2007| EXTREME | 7.90

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