"The Cologne based artist and author adores the years 1900, 1913, 1977 and 1982. His work is full of references on old child books and futuristic manifestos and as much about escapism as it is about time diagnosis. Claus Richter is all about curiosity, he interacts with the world like a never aging boy who stills believes that in the smallest corner, in the saddest detail, even in the most evil person, there is still a diamond of life to discover. Claus Richter is first of all a fan and from that fandom he develops his very own artistic language. A process you will be able to understand more deeply by reading his writings, in which he leads us by the hand to the wonderland of his inspiration. Of course curiosity is also about danger and risk. Richter's latest exhibition "Salve Monstrum" shows his ambition widening to fully-fledged filmmaking and his first long-form movie (very much the next logical step after his recent puppet plays). It's a 20-minute long musical, staged in the Renaissance-era-Schloss Heiligenberg castle and the forest around, a film that is all about stage designs, costumes (from Snow White garments to tall cylindrical hats) and plenty of eccentric characters. As a long time follower and passionate fan of pop and hiphop, Claus Richter was also up for the challenge of penning his own soundtrack - and that's what you'll find at the centre of this new Edition Fieber release: nine little pop songs, each one shining bright and full of the desire to either make you dance or leave you crying on your bed." (label info) comes in gatefold sleeve with obi, signed edition of 200 copies
in stock | DE| 2015| EDITION FIEBER | 89.00

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