"Dix Ailes is a musical proposal for 2 female voices, 1 percussionist, 1 electronic device and 1 place with high reverberation. Between minimalist music and pure pop, Dix Ailes plays on an acoustic illusion, that of making indistinguishable the origin of the sound (instrumental, loudspeaking or architectural), based on work on harmonics, frequency vibrations, the physical resonance of the place, psycho-acoustics. Essentially centered on the voice, Dix Ailes addresses the notions of empty and full, of internal listening and silence, of liminarity and transformation. By a principle of initial composition based on symbols and archetypes, the music of Dix Ailes echoes universal rituals and myths, and shares with them a language that tempts to escape the sequences of rational logic, and thus to open up to an contemporary poetic landscape, made of archaic and invisible." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2020| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 17.90

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