"Founding Club Moral members DDV & AMVK are true industrial noise pioneers. But Club Moral was not just a band, they also ran an artspace in Antwerp (Belgium) and published noise music & the magazine Force Mental under the same name. Side A of these rare recordings documents the song Lonely Weekends, recorded live on their first ever live performance at Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart (Germany) in 1981. For this occasion DDV and AMVK were joined by the obscure act Etat Brut. In 2002 Dylan joined forces on turntables and in 2003 they added Mauro Pawlowski on guitar. Together with DDV and AMVK they recorded 'Gun', side B of this record, at the Club Moral studios. Mauro exclusivly remixed this provocative, perverted, sexual war inducing song for this record. In 2005 Club Moral played their final performance "It's My Party" at the Death Petrol festival in Antwerp and in 2006 they continued as Bum Collar." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2007| DEAD MIND | 4.90

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