CLUSTER - QUA (CD - USED m-/vg++)

"A new Cluster album is always full of surprises. That hasn't changed over the last 35 years. QUA is written with the typical, slightly scrawly hand of Cluster but, to stay within the metaphor, the musical text now is completely new. 17 rhythmic and harmonic miniatures with mysterious titles pass by the listener like a toy caravan of dark, fast camels, loaded with alien and precious drams - or is it a mere Fata Morgana? Cluster throw fl ashes of light on a far but not completely foreign world; outlines sharpen, contours take and immediately lose shape and again new images arise...memories, but of what, when, who? QUA is a multi-coloured picture book, an audio book, which leaves open space wherein fantasy may roam freely in any direction until touching long forgotten dreams. Roedelius and Moebius are once again opening doors for us to walk through where we can interpret for ourselves what is there. Whether drawn in pastel or strong colours, this art of vagueness, these elusive sketches, occupy enough adhesion to become solid - to become real - and, after all, reality becomes more fantastic with the music of Cluster." (Asmus Tietchens)
in stock | DE| 2009| m-/vg++| KLANGBAD | 10.25

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