"Just quietly, Jon Chapman has spun through a variety of incarnations in the years leading up to this well tasty cd of electronic delights. From founding the ever-expansionist Double Leopards in Philadelphia and appearing on their first three records, he went on to jam with Pearls Before Swines Tom Rapp; hes also sat in on the never-ending drum circle of outback Australian life, as well as fronting the worlds first Skullflower tribute band. Now resident in Dunedin, New Zealand, Hollows Time marks a maturity of the home-cookin electro vibe that dates back to the very first Co;Inc cassette in the mid nineties. Improvised and composed impulses collide in a mess of short-to-middling tracks that display a refreshing simplicity and clarity of purpose. Rough, pitted, obtuse, impossible electronica building blocks are juggled and arranged into floating ocean cities by genius lemurs under Chapmans firm but friendly direction. Housed in a gorgeous handmade and letterpressed (more like letter-hammered) sleeve, this marks out the down-under ex-patriate free-electronica art-folk slicker-trash scene as one to keep a close eye on." (label info) Numbered edition of 100, hand-made covers.
in stock | NZ| 2004| m-/m-| UNITED FAIRY MOONS | 10.00

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