"Coach Fingers is serious about having fun and with the debut long player No Flies on Frank, no one is spared from the plentiful good vibes Frank has to offer. Packed with more hooks than a ship crowded with one armed pirates, No Flies on Frank is a meaty affair of giddy but bearded late '60s/early '70s outlaw boogie rock & roll prominently featuring three members of the New York free noise whatsit collective The No Neck Blues Band -- Coach Jason Meagher, Dave Nuss & Dave Shuford -- along with Meagher's brother Sean on keys and -- future guitar god worshippers take note -- the Coach's secret weapon, master shredder George Devoe. So come on, friends, it's time to join the Fingers friends & family in the Beaujolais Revolution; take a sip from a glass full of Ronnie Lane's boozy rock, the charming laissez-faire balladry of Kevin Ayers (circa Joy of a Toy & Whatevershebringswesing) & a whole lot of crazy fun." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| m-/m-| LOCUST | 8.00

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