"nfinite Fog Productions presents the long-awaited complete version of the 'Sara Dale's Sensual Massage' OST with 8 exclusive and unheard tracks. 'Sara Dale's Sensual Massage' was a delightful erotic video with a mystic soundtrack by Coil. Quite unusual for the band: dreamy ambient, almost spa-relaxed soft harmonies, bland tribal rhythms, chimes, and birdsong, but still with the dark mysterious and inimitable charm of Coil's musick. However, the second part of the album explores more rhythmic structures that remind of the 'Gay Man's Guide...' soundtrack. Besides the OST recordings, this edition includes bonus tracks from the 'Basilisk Prod.'s' era: 'Theme From Blue', and grandiose 'The Hills Are Alive' so badly wanted on vinyl. Artwork by Steven Stapleton. Mastering by Martin Bowes." (label info)
in stock | RU| 2020| INFINITE FOG | 39.90

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