"Cones features Marcel Turkowsky and Ulf Schutte both members of Datashock and involved in other projects/labels like Aosuke, Tapetektoniks, UUHUU, Hui Tales Collection, Leo Mars and more. Their "Iceskating Elephants" shows four different cosmic soundtravels taken from their March Recording Sessions. When they are not parading into burlesque musicalia of beautyful underwater storiedrones read in muddy submarines floating to Kurosawa´s spiderwebcastle, they are visiting more concrete places like walking along howling swamps and forestlike playgrounds. And at the end we are still iceskating with Elephants on floating morellas to achieve a new freedom. Their Debut for Ikuisuus. In the mix: Contact Mics, Tapeloops and Goes, Memorytapes, Fieldrecordings and Electronics." (label info)
in stock | FI| 2007| m/m-| IKUISUUS | 5.00

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