"'Treatise' (1963-67). For any number of musicians with any instruments, may be performed whole or in part. The QUaX Ensemble, directed by Petr Kotik. Live recording from Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1967. This performance of Cardew's monumental 193-page graphic score treatise was recorded live in Prague in 1967 by the Czech QUaX Ensemble, directed by composer, flutist, conductor Petr Kotik. Upon meeting again in London (1966), Cardew provided Kotik with additional portions of the score and insights. Fresh from this encounter, Kotik started the QUaX Ensemble upon his return to Prague in 1966. iner notes by Petr Kotik and Cardew's friend and colleague John Tilbury. Tilbury says of this performance: "There is much to admire in this 1967 version of treatise by the QUaX Ensemble from Prague: the feeling of spontaneity, its uninhibitedness, the rough-hewn sounds, the accidental, the half-intended, the blurred." High resolution 96khz, 24-bit remastering from the original analog tape." (label info)
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