"Cornucopia is the premiere sound art project to hail from the island of Puerto Rico. Claudio Chea and Jorge Castro have recorded numerous drone-a-thons on CDR which have been released by small labels from New York to Barcelona to Valencia, Le Mans and Mexico City. "" is their first full length on the CD format, and to celebrate, they have asked for a little help from their friends. In all, fourteen other artists were asked (and some even asked in themselves!) to use Cornucopia's 37 minute track ".c." into their own composition. Two years later, this is the end result. Remixers included: Omei, Needle & Sony Mao, Lasse Marhaug, Black Sand Desert, RGV, Ultra Milkmaids, David Wells, TV Pow, duul_drv, Andrew Duke, Kim Cascone, Critikal, Zanstones, & Francisco López. Double CD set packaged in a DVD case." (label info) special price
in stock | JP| 2005| LOCUS OF ASSEMBLAGE | 8.90

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