"a true dub classic from 1980 backwards tapes drenched in interplanetary sound effects, ghostly voices from beyond the stars and ringing percussion, one of the most out-there attempts to push the limits of dub reggae beyond the final frontier ever recorded. featuring members of the roots radics, misty in roots and prince far i's arabs. originally the sole release on pre-on-u sound label 4d rhythms, a young adrian sherwood remixed and re-recorded a tape of older reggae rhythms, overdubbing a ton of new percussion and fx, flipping the tape over, and generally abusing the reel-to-reel in any way possible. the result is something utterly deranged and unique in the already pretty out-there annals of dub with the vinyl now commanding high prices on the secondhand market (having not been pressed since 1982)." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2017| ON-U SOUND | 29.90

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