"CURRENT 909 is PURE´s project for electronic music that lives in the grey area between dance music and movie soundtracks based on a combination of pattern oriented production techniques and techniques of collage. The music of CURRENT 909 can be seen as a transition between his much rougher and more aggressive earlier works and his beatless mostly improvised works of the last years for labels like MEGO, STAALPLAAT, or DOC. With the addition of nearly 40 minutes of unreleased material the CD is rewarding also for those who are familiar with the vinyl: INFORMATION WAR, built around a sample taken from the movie DECODER, a movie from the early 80s dealing with another society related topic, the importance of public access to information, and METATHERION, melting slow electro beats with a theme that reminiscent of historic opera recordings, complement the depth and seriousness of the CURRENT 909 project. The two tracks will be released on vinyl by MEGO shortly. A 21-minute excerpt from the only ever live show in Vienna from 17-12-1997, can be seen as a remix of released material with some drafts of yet to be finished tracks. These additions underline that live or in the studio there is no tone superfluous or wrongly placed." (label info) special offer
in stock | AT| 2003| DOC | 4.90

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