"On this - the first ever vinyl release on Phthalo - Daedlus hosts a gathering of friends for the purpose of remixing a yet unreleased track of his entitled 'Axe-Murderation.' The theme is a short recording of a girl rhapsodizing about her grievances and nefarious intentions with reference to dogs. The contributing artists are: Daedelus - The original track. Eight Frozen Modules - Edited and effected in typically masterful form; Phthalocyanine - Rapid oldskool vocal stabs + breaks commingled with Navy Warship-esque Drum Machine patterns; Jason Potratz - those familiar with acid techno, the avant-garde and his previous work on Phthalo will be pleased; Venetian Snares - Archetype and icon Aaron Funk gives us an unexpectedly happy, melodic piece; Gerald Wenzel - Follows his previous Phthalo albums Hollow Way and Prairie Program." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| PHTHALO | 10.00

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