"The Horse and Camel Stories is a collection of soundtracks. "vase" to "keyhole" were originally composed for Hiraki Sawa's film Going Places Titting Down, commissioned by the Hayward Gallery for the Dan Graham Pavilion in November 2004. It is a piece about make-believe journeys to far-away places. These tracks are released as "The Horse Stories" on vinyl on Bo'Weavil in 2006. Included are 5 bonus tracks. "flock" is a soundtrack for a film by Stephanie Caw and the soundtrack for another film by Hiraki Sawa: Trail, which was at the Yokohama Triennale 2005. It is composed of 3 tracks entitled "walking a circle", "caravansérail" and "a three-pane window". For the soundtrack dale used sounds belonging to the country house and garden in which Sawa filmed - water running in the upstairs bathroom; rain water dripping on the stones outside the kitchen door, sparkling water in a glass on the table, the wind-chime and the clock and the record player." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| FLAU | 12.90

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