"terra subfónica is a radiophonic work reflecting aspects of sub sound through a series of dramaturgical, radiophonic miniatures. Sub sound in this instance is not a term indicating low frequency sound, as in bass material, but rather a radiophonic suite reflecting and meditating on aspects of that which is below us; ultimately mapping a sub sonic terrain lying just below, or on the periphery of our (typically) perceived threshold of hearing. The sounds and sonic fragments chosen to represent different aspects of sub sound have been used as a basis for generating the narrative/ dramaturgical structure in each of the miniatures. Shards of familiar, strange, overlooked and unheard sounds coalesce, as metaphor and sound arcanum guide the listener throughout each of the works in the suite. Importantly, the content and presentation of terra subfónica gravitates around an eclectic array of soundart works exploring the medium of radio. In an attempt to explore my own perception of the medium of radio, I wanted to produce a diverse body of work, from field recordings and instrumental music to electronic music and beyond. This also meant creating 2 monophonic soundworks expressing my interest in sonic possibilities for monophonic sound diffusion environments, as well as employing various experimental sound reproduction techniques to compose, as well as preserve the actual spaces several of the works inhabit." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| GRUENREKORDER | 14.90

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