"The final Menche's solo drum excursion is one hour futuristic shaman's flight. The Native American drum, both recorded clean and processed beyond recognition, pulses with the primal beat of the earth. Packaged in black, hand assembled, boxes, with screenprinted graphics in white and gold by our friend Wojtek Bednarski." (label info) "Native American drums are superb for rich resonating sounds due to the animal skin used. For Animality I used a large drum with moose skin for powerful deep bass sounds and then also a elk skin drum for penetrating mid sounds. Much of the higher sounds are from "residue" noise of these drums. Much like how Native Americans use ALL of the animals skin, bones, fur and meat. Even tho there is killing involved there is an devout appreciation and divine gratitude to nature. All of the possible sounds I could create with these drums I used for Animality. There is also some of my voice sounds in there too." (Daniel Menche)
in stock | PL| 2007| EMD.PL/RECORDS | 13.90

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