"»Cloud Shadows« is the third album by the American gamelan composer, Daniel Schmidt. The pieces are quite varied and more current than the work represented on his first two albums »In My Arms, Many Flowers« & »Abies Firma«, mostly came about each in their own way. For example, the cloud shadows on the mountains of central Nevada, unimaginably old, invited Daniel into their realm, resulting in the opening composition »Cloud Shadows«. The composition »SEOR« developed from the daily repetitions of radiation and relief from his cancer treatments. Also, the death of a close friend plunged the composer into deep emotions but ultimately nudged him over a compositional hump, leading to the creation of the »Sandy Suite«. »A River in Delta«, dedicated to Lou Harrison and John Cage, utilizes chance operations and a poem written by Cage for Harrison's 60th birthday. Under the direction of Schmidt, these ten pieces were performed and recorded by Gamelan Encinal and students at Mills College between 2017 and 2019. They unveil a compositional evolution, most noticeably the weaving of voice and poetry with gamelan. The lyrics were written by poet Deborah Bachels Schmidt (Daniel's wife), often sung in the style of 19th century lieder. Recital presents »Cloud Shadows« as a celebration of Daniel Schmidt's 80th birthday, a rich album that continues the exploration of 'American' gamelan music via one of its creators." (label info) Edition of 300 copies, incl. 24 page booklet
in stock | US| 2022| RECITAL SEVENTEEN | 21.90

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