special offer "Since 1999, DAT politics is by far one of the most extatic electro party bands on the planet. Their remarkably energetic live shows explain the cult like enthusiasm that surround the french electronic combo as they've been touring the world extensively over the years. DAT politics channel a rough-edged turbo pop mood through their laptops to create some of the most unexpectedly catchy and lively music ever assembled by digital means. Dat Politics' new album 'Blitz Gazer' is an exhilarating reboot in the band's career. Entirely recorded in Berlin in 2011 by the newly formed duo, this new piece will certainly give satisfaction to the electro-maniac fanbase who will find in these 12 tunes their share of synthetic 80's hits, catchy loops and bouncy drum machines. Less expected, but pleasantly surprising is their ability to turn the voltage level down by chanting neon lite robo ballads. Some dreamy melodic breaks rise in a rhythmic electric storm. We explore a brand new aspect of the band's wide influences and possibilities." (label info) also available on CD
in stock | BE| 2012| SUB ROSA | 9.90

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