Edition of 400 copies, mini-gatefold with gold foil printing, 12 page booklet, incl. bonus tracks "Mother of Pearl is the first duo album from composers Sarah Davachi and Sean McCann. Two people, a couple, recording together at home. A slow, autumnal album made with no preconceptions or planning. Intimate, intended for ourselves. Sessions were captured simultaneously in two ways to build the shared space of perception. Sculpted hesitations made late at night. Short statements of melody are left space to rest and repose. The presence of room tone and the air are characters in all of these recordings - weaving freely within the music. Four-handed piano, two electric pianos, two guitars, viola, bells, tape. Golden hour, late night. The first recording sessions bookend the album, made in an afternoon in 2020. Recorded at home in Glendale, California and at a farmhouse on Sean's birthday, nearby goats and wine and a supersonic jet launch. Take refuge in pleasure." (label info)
in stock | US| 2021| RECITAL PROGRAM | 19.90

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