special offer "Veteran improviser and instrument builder as yet almost undocumented by recordings. This disc will feature improvisations on his 'stringboards', simple yet beautiful amalgamations of wood and prepared strings that draw to mind harps, gongs, and sound sculptures. 'At a woodshop I was renting I had been messing with attaching strings to collected throwaway (found) pieces of plywood. I had a collection of used strings of many types: guitar, bass guitar, cello, violin, dulcimer, harp, piano, along with some types of raw wire including brass and nylon monofilament. I had heard Ellen Fullman's Long String Instrument and wanted to experiment with making strings in long lengths. I enjoyed using two strings to make a longer combined length and found the results to be shimmering.' -- David Knott."
in stock | US| 1999| ANOMALOUS | 6.90

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