"New remastered CD edition of David Behrman "Wave Train" CD, featuring Sonic Arts Union. David Behrman experimental music from 1959 to 1968. The CD starts with the short piece called "Canons", a product of a 3 weeks stage in Darmstadt (summer 1959) featuring David Tudor on piano and Christoph Caskel playing percussions. "Ricercar" is a prepared piano piece made in 1961 and has the flexible form of the kind favoured by European composers in the early 1960s, but also reflecting the work of Cowell and Cage. "Wave Train", (1966) marked the moment when something radical happened, in which established techniques were thrown away. A powerful feedback piece live performed with Gordon Mumma. "Players with Circuits" (1966) is an exploration of raw materials, here a combination of live electronics and amplified acoustic sound. "Sounds for a Film by Bob Watts", for outdoor environment recording and homemade synthesizer, was recorded at Stony Point, the artists' cooperative which John Cage, David Tudor, Sari Dienes and other friends had established. The last piece, "Runthrough", was made for performance by members of the Sonic Arts Union: Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma, Robert Ashley and, of course, David Behrman; two of them working the dials and switches of homemade synthesizers, and two others distributing sound in space with homemade photocell mixers; Time Records released a different version of this piece in 1969. The digipak CD comes with a 12 page booklet including liner notes written by the composer as well as diagrams and scores relating to the published works." (label info)
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in stock | IT| 2015| ALGA MARGHEN | 16.90

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