"David Borden, born Christmas Day 1938, in Boston, Massachusetts, is an American Minimalist composer and electronic music pioneer. Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments is his unsung masterpiece, released in 1981 on the now defunct Red Records based in Holland. After Mother Mallard disbanded in 1978, many of Borden's solo compositions were not performed or recorded until long after the works had been completed. Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments was released with little fanfare upon release, and suffered from seemingly limited distribution making the album an obscure classic from its earliest days. Those not lucky enough to obtain original pressings have had to settle for compressed YouTube clips and poor vinyl-to-digital transfers, while original copies of the album today are increasingly sparse and expensive on the used market. Spectrum Spools is proud to announce that 33 years after it's original release, and after searching the archives of Borden's private reel-to-reel tapes and recovering the one safety master known to exist, we are able to present this reissue of Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2015| SPECTRUM SPOOLS | 15.90

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