"The Hideout was recorded in March 2008 in Daniell's adopted home city of Chicago. A masterfully-built drone engulfs the first portion of the performance. The amount of detail here is staggering; beat patterns emerge within the drone, playing the performance space; spidery lines of guitar fade in and out and ghosts of melodies come and go. The density then subsides to let a rollicking finger-picked acoustic guitar piece emerge. Recalling his Chicago forbears Gastr del Sol as well as Fahey's delta blues mutations, Daniell plays both a precise and rugged version of his soon to be released piece "IV" (from the LP I-IV-V-I, due November 4th on the label Table of the Elements). At the end of the set, we've seen him drive that space train from the Midwest down to the South, timen total suspension for the entire long, strange trip." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| ANTIOPIC | 9.90

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