"David Grubbs's 26-minute soundtrack to Angela Bulloch's Hybrid Song Box.4 picks up sonically where An Optimist Notes the Dusk left off. Grubbs brings his thick, solid-body electric guitar tone to the most relaxed of tempos, the most spacious of handlings. This instrumental soundtrack is based on a short piece for electric guitar, followed by an interstitial section created with feedback from the last note of the guitar piece. This A/B structure is repeated three times. With each iteration, the guitar composition becomes progressively more scuffed, more degraded. The interstitial section begins at its gentlest and most transparent, and the material gradually becomes stronger and more harmonically distinct over the course of its three iterations. The first composition wanes, the second waxes. Hybrid Song Box.4 is Angela Bulloch's most recent work in a series of 'Pixel Box' sculptural installations. Hybrid Song Box.4 was first shown at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum as part of the exhibition Theanyspacewhatever." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| BLUE CHOPSTICKS | 13.55

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