"Roll, tape, roll... the genie gambols, but viewed from a different angle angel is indistinguishable from crocodile, from shadow shaped and thrown. Prismrose is a nearly wordless collection of six pieces for electric guitar, all given real time to breathe, grow unpredictably, mutate. It's an album-an of-a-piece, start-to-finish listen-that documents what an electric guitar sounds like in David Grubbs's hands now that we've stumbled into the year 2016. Prismrose comes to us-comes at us-from a stellar run of expansive, hands-thinking hands-puzzling guitar music that began with the stylistic pivot of Grubbs's solo records An Optimist Notes the Dusk and The Plain Where the Palace Stood (do we have a trilogy brewing?) and the two recent albums from the trio Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia. And dig that instantly iconic cover courtesy of artist Kai Althoff (Workshop, Fanal). It gets it. Roll on, wordless, nearly so." (label info) also available on CD
in stock | US| 2016| BLUE CHOPSTICKS | 24.90

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