"Hyperblue, Attitude Problem, Triple Helix piano trio; Three Bogan Songs; Five etudes for piano; Sesso e Violenza, Ensemble 21. To listeners, performers, and probably to the composer himself, David Rakowski's music is both fun and challenging. Take his Paino Etudes, which are sprinkles throughout this varied program of chamber works. They carry titles like MAB! And E-Machines. His piano trio from 1996 is called Attiude Problem. Fantasy, adventure and pushing ideas to the maximum characterize each of the works on this lively program. But, hardly an impudent youngster, Rakowski is well trained and well respected as a serious voice in his field. He lives in Maine and is a professor at Brandeis University." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 1999| COMPOSERS RECORDINGS INC. | 6.90

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