"Dusseldorf based artist/guitarist Cornelius Quabeck releases his debut EP Gemischte Type (mixed type) under the moniker DeCornelius on Evil River Records. The 7" vinyl is more like a "mixed bag" containing four tracks. Stars for you and Wind me up were recorded with a full band including Max Stamm (Kiesgroup) on bass guitar and Se Golden Thorsten (Se Golden Thorsten/Beefy Arms) on drums at Stamm's Wild Wood Studios, Dusseldorf. The first track contains a pun on the word "star" and it's up to the listener to define if this is about the actual spehre of plasma or a song about celebrity culture. Wind me up is a rock song with drum computer and sounds like surrealist Max Ernst decided to release a Dada-record. The two other tracks, X Faktor and Nixit are both home recordings with German lyrics that give credit to the underachievers ("Und wer nichts hat, der wird auch nix") and hangovers ("Wäre schön, wenn man gestern einfach vergisst."). Limited to 300 copies in orange marble vinyl Gemischte Type is a beautiful package with a handmade linocut print that serves as a record cover. It includes a download code for all four tracks plus a custom designed guitar plec which invites you to strum along to songs of the sad hungover artist of the 21st century assuming that this record serves as an indicator of how we may picture it." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| EVIL RIVER RECORDS | 8.90

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