"Finally, the legendary Finnish black metal project returns with the first full-length album in years! With a unique and encompassing sound, Dead Reptile Shrine has always been uncomfortably slotted in the black metal genre but DRS fits right into the Weird Forest catalog. The Sun of Circles and Wood encapsulates all aspects of the Dead Reptile Shrine sound: primitive riffs, ambient synth pieces, droning backdrops, snarled vocals, plaintive cries, Satanic chants, the works. But this album isn't a celebration of darkness - it's a portrait of a soul being torn apart by dark and light elements. The poor listener is dropped down a well and left to wallow in the stench of her own soul's filthy excrement, the pain alleviated only by scant glimpses of light at the top of the well that seems so far, far away. The Sun of Circles and Wood was mastered by Pete Swanson and comes in a beautiful full-color deluxe gatefold vinyl edition limited to 500 copies." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| WEIRD FOREST | 28.91

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