"An album of incredible archival recordings by Brad Laner and Jim Goodall's 1980's noise orchestra. Featuring many other LAFMS superstars such as Rick Potts and Joseph Hammer, along with several unknown secret San Fernando Valley noise geniuses. An album's worth of epic spontaneous compositions created with tape recorders, short wave radios, cheap synths, random orchestral instruments and circuit bent gear and all unleashed in front of an unsuspecting audience. "...we opened for Wall of Voodoo and successfully pissed off 1000 screaming New Wave assholes". Starting out back in August 1981 as Brad Laner's solo project and self-confessed "pretentious art phase". It wasn't long before he started bringing friends, most notably Jim Goodall and Spencer Savage, and other players in and over the following years Debt Of Nature would expand into a much larger ensemble. It's those larger ensembles that are captured on this album with live recordings caught throughout the bands final two years. These tracks were originally programmed with a four 7" boxset in mind, but the flow of the pieces works just as well on the 12" format here. Even though they only released a small number of cassettes throughout their lifespan, mostly on ARPH and Laner's own Party Sound Tapes label. They appeared on numerous seminal Noise and Punk crossover compilations that emitted from California's west coast on labels such as the Minutemen's New Alliance imprint, New Underground, and Trance Port. Later other work appeared on Anomalous Records." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2013| HARBINGER SOUND | 18.90

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