special offer "Def Harmonic returns in a big way with a 4 track twelve inch record of precise body funk. In fact, the funk is all over these tracks, showing Jason Todd's affliction for the cosmic atomic forefathers of rhythm. The lead track 'Spaced Out' is a radio friendly monster and has been slaying Milwaukee dancefloors for some time now with its analog pulse on top of a huge 4/4 crunk beat. As the production bar has been honed through funk reduction, the verses, delivered by Lunaversol 9 and J. Todd, have been equally streamlined without losing their trademark optimism and self-belief. These four tracks represent the most concise, immediate tracks that the group has displayed thus far, surely to grab the ears and asses of the hip hop disco masses." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| WOBBLYHEAD | 5.00

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